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Fourm Disclaimer/Terms of use

No posting of blueprints, drawings or plans. Those are to be bought from suppliers listed. As most of them are copyrighted. All posts of illegal topics or discussion of destructive devices , automatic weapons or silencers will be deleted!

All Firearms are dangerous tools. Misuse can and will lead to death or serious injury to people/property.This website is for entertainment purposes only. If you were to follow gunsmithing advice from some anonymous people online then you already have serious problems and should not be messing around with firearms.

Many of these guns have been successfully built in .22 caliber while chamber pressures are low, they can still kill! Please use common sense when building or working on any gun!

Nothing said on this website is to be construed as an inducement to anyone to actually work on, or attempt to work on, any firearms. Once again, firearms are dangerous. Let the professionals handle them. Should anyone undertake the modification of a firearm using some, any, or all of the information posted on this site, said person assumes complete and total responsibility for their actions. Said person also assumes any and all responsibility for checking, verifying, and testing all ideas, information, and concepts for safety and sound design prior to actual use. Being as no one associated with this site has any control over the construction choices, construction methods, design concepts, or safety practices of any home or hobby builder, the forum, its administrators, and moderators assume no responsibility for any accident, injury, or breech of law suffered by any visitor to this web site.

Members agree to hold harmless all afore mentioned forum staff and said members agree to assume all liability associated with his/her actions. Additionally, said members accept total and full responsibility for adhering to all federal, state and local laws, including but not limited to age requirements and laws covering firearms. By accessing this site and continuing to view its contents, said visitor/home gunsmith/builder/hobbyist agrees to this waver and limitation of liability.



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